Twin Blades available on Windows Phone 7 !

We’ve been admittedly very busy for the last few months. Tinkering with the WP7 prototype we looted from the cold dead hands of a Microsoft rep turned out to be more fun than work as Fab single-handedly ported 90% of Twin Blades’ code in a fortnight.
All along while eating pizza with my other hand” he claimed, which didn’t impress his mum whose appreciation for his achievement came second to her concern for healthy diet.

The game now boasts 20 genuine Xbox Live Achievements and Live-tied leaderboards so you can not only dwarf your noob friends’ score but also humiliate them publicly, which is precisely what hardcore gaming is all about.

Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard has been released alongside Windows Phones 7 and is doing pretty well, being featured in the top 10 best selling apps of the Zune Marketplace right now and, most importantly, scoring at 4,5 stars rating!

Looking for Twin Blades assets? Feel free to browse over our Download page to retreive a bunch of ‘em in our updated press kit!

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