Twin Blades also available on the Bada store!

Looking for a cool game on your band new Samsung Wave phone? Lucky you, Twin Blades is available right now from the Bada store almost everywhere in the world!

Not only does the game sport high-res graphics fit for the S8500 800×480 screen, but it also contains an exclusive new environment featured below:

Peeps in Russia, China, South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico may have to wait a couple weeks before Samsung makes the paid-apps store available in your countries – which according to the intel retreived from a Korean ninja should come up late june/early july.

As for our fellow Brazilians and Koreans I’m afraid it’s a no-go, apparently your respective governments take the matter of video-games so seriously that there will be no games at all on the Bada store in your countries. It’s a little be more complicated than that but the lawyer-ninja bore us to sleep before we could understand why exactly games are banned there. Sorry pals.

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