Today Press Start Studio is 1.1 years old

Fab rightly reminded us that it was Press Start Studio’s very first birthday! (it actually was 2 days ago, fortunately unlike your average girlfriend a company tends not to whine as much with this kind of things)

A Nexus One would have been a very fitting gift for this little association of ours, but I was far too busy staring at the only 4 booth babes of the Mobile World Congress to attend the Google conference and missed the free giveaway party (one of them winked at me so definitely worth it).
Twin Blades has some fans out there, and every now and then some of you guys take the time to send us your thoughts about the game, what you like the most and what you’d like to see improved. Today we’ve received an email from Richard S. and it ends like this:

“I bid you all the best of luck in future creations and thank you for creating this still entertaining game.”

This makes a nice gift. Cheers Richard, always heartwarming to read such sweet stuff (even though you are no booth babe).

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