The scythe vs katana debate

I love fanmail.

It’s one of these things that make me happy when I get up in the morning and find some of you guys’ food for thoughts in our internationally renowned inbox

Carlos sent us a couple mails (and comments on our blogs, and on our facebook page, and on our twitter too) because he’s very enthusiast about the nun using a katana or a chainsaw (and wearing a nurse uniform).

But before I bring this to the attention of my fellow co-workers at the next deliciously weird and exagerately long monday afternoon meetings (codenamed ‘Weekly Code-Graphics-Design-Finance-Business-Planning Round Table’), I really wonder about the relevance of the katana thing.

See if you ask me katanas are way overrated. Picture yourself in the street fighting for your life against zombies. Now would you rather have a stylish katana or an giant scythe in order to give you as much reach as possible and keep the brain-suckers away from your own grey matter?

Besides, everyone uses a katana these days. Take Highlander for instance, why would scottish Mc Leod use one of these instead of a more traditional claymore? And thus the filling scene where he explains that he felt in love with a Japanese girl who died in his arms and voila, katana.

Nowistanding my confidence that Bruce Willis would have picked a badass scythe if he could in pulp fiction, I appeal to your reason with this shiny new poll which may or may not be broken because it’s the first time I experiment this plugin.

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