Patching the good stuff

Some of you guys might (definitely) have experienced some troubles while running Twin Blades on a Mango-updated windows phone 7. Problem would be simple: the game would not run at all. With the only known workaround being not to launch the software.
So after 3 months of long and tedious debates we have come to the conclusion that it could very well be what you’d call one of these ‘critical bugs’ sort of things, so we promptly flagged it in ‘will not fix’ and texted Microsoft to patch their OS before embarking to the edge of world (our local pub).

Turns out the Redmond dudes were already in their own local pub after a long day of will-not-fix duties, and we sort of crashed into what some professionals in the industry would call the twilight zone of the bug-tracking chart, a mysterious void where all sort of stuff happens, including but not limited to some good old think-out-of-the-box kind of brainstorming after a few pints of lager.

“So hey” we thought, “wouldn’t it be quicker to patch the good stuff‘cuz it’s easier“?

By the time we realized it actually involved us to work we had already given our word so after everyone sobered up and checked their respective lower-backs for any undesired new tattoo we’ve laid bare our matter, placed it at the center of our collective attention and crushed it with a mind of ice. And voilà, mesdames & messieurs, how a patch is born.

Version 1.3 is now undergoing the very last stage of its gestation in Microsoft’s QA labs and should be running up and cutting zombies in half within a week!

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