Mi cerveza no es tu cerveza

Twin Blades has been nominated at the International Mobile Games Award in the Excellence in Design category (now how poach is that).
Mi cerveza
Whilst the Excellence in Design is awarded by a panel of judges you can vote for Twin Blades as the “People’s Choice Award” by clicking on the logo above (registration needed).

The final results will be announced at the Mobile World Congress amidst hundreds of escort girls and a recreative drugs banquet – although it could be a panel of industry representatives and a sandwich buffet, the promotional brochure is hardly readable.
So the good news is: it takes place in Barcelona.
And the bad news is: it happens in mid-february.

At the heart of winter I think I’ll give it a pass – when it comes to cerveza I’d rather have mine mildly-warm on a sunny beach rather than very cold on a bench.

So we’re sending Jeff instead. Farewell Jeff, send us a postcard when you get there.

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