iPad Twin Blades – including the update

Isn’t it amazing how people take firm resolutions only to give them up all half a bottle of wine later?

Because this is the whole story behind iPad Twin Blades, the very first iPad optimized game IN THE WORLD. Forget about major publishers, we ain’t just porting our game with a crappy x2 pixellated zoom: we will offer native HD graphics and it’s gonna kick ass.

I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone just yet but in all this excitment I forgot myself and sent a screen to pocketgamer picturing one of the bosses of the update.

iPad Twin Blades
(click on the image for iPad resolution)

Obviously the build is still under heavy work – and we’re prioritizing the update more than the iPad version, but it is looking great in the emulator already!
The update will feature bosses, new environments, a story mode, a mini map to let players chose whichever level suits them best and several NPCs. As we stated previously said update will be free to all of you who have already purchased the game.

The update is scheduled for release end of february on the iPhone & iPod touch, and end of march on XBLIG and the iPad. Stay tuned for more screens very soon!

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