Funny Gifts For Men: Control a Woman

This is probably one of the most fun gifts for men ever, every man will tell you that. With this simple gadget in your hands you’ll become a master of all women who are in your sight. You’ll make one get undressed, another cook for you, the other one be silent for a moment. Or, alternatively, try all that just on one woman. You’ll see how happy you’ll make her.

Control a Woman
Control a Woman

Funny Gifts For Men: Toilet Monster

Have you run out of really funny gift ideas? Don’t worry, toilet monster is one of the most funny gifts ever. WC is a perfect place to prank people. And of course men would be more then happy to make fun of their female mates! This little creature is easily attached to the toilet seat and completely hidden under the lid. No doubt you will feel sorry every time you’ll hear a scream from the restroom. But that won’t do you any bad karma. You’re just a cool man with a good sense of humor!

Funny Gifts For Men: Long Beard

Your boyfriend doesn’t want to shave no matter how you beg him? This is the time to show him who is right and who is wrong. This funny gift will make him think extra time about your words. Special gifts for him like this one are perfect also for those who have always dreamed about growing the longest beard. How else can you attract women?.. So now this is your showtime! This is the longest beard ever, so adjust it to your head and go to the party!

Funny Gifts For Men: Erasable Puzzle Pen

Does your boyfriend look like Sheldon Cooper at least a bit? This gadget is the best solution among unusual gifts for intelligent men. When you love doing crosswords so much that you can’t resist doing the same one again and again, this wonder pen is for you. Throw away your usual pencil and start doing puzzles normally, with a pen, like all other people. Blue smudge-free gel ink will help you with that. Or, alternatively, you can write love letters with it – no need to worry about epic fail;)

Funny Gifts For Men: Fake Tatoo Sleeves

Who doesn’t want to be the coolest man on tomorrow’s party? You’ve got super muscles but you want to add more zest to your sexy arms look? All girls will lose their breath looking at your arms if you cover them with tattoes. Nobody knows that when you come home after the party you’ll simply take all tattoes off and the impression will be made with no damage for your skin. And you can also use these wonderful funny gifts to scare your girlfriend if she is too impressionable. Make yourself happy with such funny gifts more often!

Funny Gifts For Men: Lighter

Funny birthday gifts usually make your friends smile when you give them. But this one is unique – though it is very funny, it is very useful as well. And also scary if your buddies are too subtle. Imagine, every time your friend asks you a light for their cigaret, you eject a foam which stews it. To be sincere, it also shoots up to 5ft in the air. You can also recharge it with foam and use multiple times! Scare as many of your friends out of smoking as you can. Be the Saver of the planet’s health;)

Funny Gifts For Men: Sock Exchange

Are you searching for a gift for a strict businessman who spends most of his time in office with other serious buddies? Make him look a little bit fresher! Give him a pack of weekday and weekend colourful socks, naturally, for every day and even some extra ones if his collegues will ask to share these funny presents with them. Black at the top, they are bright at the bottom, so the guy can take his shoes off (especiall if he’s a boss to demonstrate his coolness) and everybody around will be charmed with this rainbow! Weekend socks are even brighter, so he won’t be able to pretend serious no more.

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