Become an uberfan, get a custom joystick

We have passed the point where Twin Blades has become profitable (which sounds like a delectable dessert to our ears).
So we’ve got this big bag of money right now and being a big bunch of nerds we had no idea what to do with it, so we made a quick vote and unanimously decided to spend it all on custom t-shirts.

And because we have too many of these classy t-shirts, we thought we should give them away to our most dedicated fans. But we’re not going to throw them away randomly, or else where would the feeling of achievement be in that? How could you unsuspiciously parade in the streets with your PSS t-shirt and swell with pride in society without emanating the subtle odor of own sweat?


We’ve noticed Twin Blades had its fans and we like that, a lot. But further than that we’ve also noticed how some of these fans take initiatives to actively participate in the promotion of the game. And we want to reward those active fans, and we want to equip them with the best gear the world has to offer so they can beat the crap out of the other games’ fans.

Thus, we collectively decided that Phil should sacrifice the unique custom Twin Blades joystick he crafted out of a Xbox 360 pad and equipped with full Sanwa/Seimitsu japanese parts, and give it to our best uberfan.


Well that’s interesting, now how exactly do I become an uberfan so I can beat the crap out of other games’ fans with a unique joystick in a cool t-shirt? you ask. And the good news is we haven’t set any boundaries for that. All you need to do is promote Twin Blades in any way of your choosing and send us a picture or whatever you did at before the 30th of may to enter the contest!



Get involved, do it your way! You could either tell about the game and how much you’ve liked it on your favorite forum like Gamer_Kyio did on IGN, or send a message to your daily game news blog to incite them to update their review with the DLC, or draw some fan art like Aphex did with the nun (along with a completely NSFW version), or send a tip to any website you think would like the game like KidKobun did with Mtv, or use your own prose to post a review of on the app store, possibilities are endless, creativity is all yours!

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