Rough & Artworks

I’ve found the process of retreiving artworks from an elusive concept artist to be quite tedious. These people, ‘the creative people‘ as the politically-correct term seems to be these days, tend to turn into ostriches whenever a situation revolves around their previous creations, presumably because they see it as a flawed thing from the past, an ignomous monster they’ve spawned and are terribly ashamed of.

If you ask me tho, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact I quite like the first version of Father Richiardo, the nun’s mentor.

In the updated version of Twin Blades Father Richiardo will be the central hub not only for the story as he gives indications to the nun, but also as a 24/7 convenience store as he’s now holding the shop accessible anytime between missions. That’s right, no more waiting until the End of Day to buy new weapons!

Next up we have a tree who’s role isn’t as central in the storyline, but is a nice tree anyway.


All that green stuff (along with many others) fit particularly well in the forest level, which has a certain eerie touch that make it particularly charming (if you take no notice of the zombies).

Feel free to send us your comments if you’d like to see more artworks!

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