Announcing Butterfly on Windows Phones 7!

It’s an avalanche of good games coming to Windows Phones 7, and we are very proud that Butterfly is part of the snowing deluge which will overwhelm your cravings. And your girlfriend’s. And your nephew’s. And your mum’s.

Butterfly is about blossoming flowers, and it’s something everyone can do. Because we figured even bloodthirsty zombie-killers want a little blossoming break in their day from time to time, it’s what makes us better human being.

Do yourself a favor and make your world a tone brighter today by watching the trailer below!

Now for the good part: the game sports 12 official Xbox Live achievements and 200 G, although Microsoft didn’t tell us grams of what. Butter presumably, although it’d make a weird cake I think.
Oh but it also features Xbox Live Leaderboards, so your nephew can shame your highscore. And your mum. And quite possibly even your girlfriend. That’s right ladies, we know you like it more than nothing else when you castrate our e-penis.

The game is available like, right now for a mere 2,99$ ! And here’s the deep link direct to flying goodness on the Zune Marketplace:

And if you like the game graphics you can download a bunch of stuff over on our Download page!

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